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Skunks have a very distinctive look: jet black body fur, super bushy tail and a full length white stripe on their back. But apparently, as much as that sets them apart from other critters, it's not enough. They also have a very distinctive smell which they draw like a gun. If anyone or anything gets too close and makes a skunk uncomfortable it will be an experience that they'll probably never forget. Skunks use this wonderful odor as a weapon and it's extremely effective. Once another creature is exposed they pretty much give the rest of the skunks they encounter the road. This musk filled 'perfume' is excreted from a pair of scent glands near the butt so if a skunk raises his tail beware!

Skunks are native to the contiguous U.S. as well as southern Canada and northern Mexico. They are very adaptive and can make a living just about anywhere including the woods, open fields, ravines, mountains and areas of human habitat. Skunks either live in dens that they dig themselves or they'll use those that have been abandoned by other critters if available. They usually look for places that are less likely to be disturbed like in fence rows or under the slab of an unused shed or outbuilding. Like a lot of critters, their activity levels drop by a bunch in the winter as they mainly survive off of their fat stores. Skunks are polygamous and it's common to find a den occupied by several females and a single male, especially in winter. One of the more famous wild critters in pop culture, skunks have been featured in a variety of songs, books, stories and comics. Probably the most famous of all skunks was Pepe Le Pew, whom folks in my generation grew up with every Saturday morning.

Skunks are not rodents and are the second leading carrier of the rabies virus after the raccoon. They are smart and instinctively find a way to utilize the human environment as their own. As with most critters, the longer they are allowed to live on or near a human's property, the more bold they become, the more damage they'll do, the more of them there will be and the harder it is to get rid of them. If you're having problems with a skunk and need professional assistance, give me a call. I have 30+ years of experience in the animal control & removal business and am based in Nutrioso AZ. I offer humane, effective skunk control services throughout the Round Valley area including Alpine, Blue, Eagar, Greer, Nutrioso, Springerville, and St Johns AZ. I can trap and relocate your pest skunk and help with any exclusion services that may be needed to help prevent a future skunk problem. Call, text or email me for more skunk control and removal information and prices. I can also help out with nuisance bird and bat removal needs, too.

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Skunk Facts:


  • Scientific name: Mephitis mephitis
  • Diet: Primarily an insectivore, but will eat almost anything including: bugs, mice, voles, birds, eggs, crabs, fish, our trash.
  • Reproduction: Usually 1 litter per year of 2 - 12 kits born in mid-May thru early June.
  • Communication: Hissing, screeching, churring, growling and cooing. They will also stamp their feet and, of course, spray when threatened.
  • Diseases: Major carriers of rabies (2nd only to raccoons). Also known carriers of canine parvovirus and leptospirosis.
  • Damage: Skunks aren't as good with their hands as raccoons, but can still damage our property when in search of food and shelter. Of course, the odor is the real problem here.
  • Smell: Terrible!

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AZ Game & Fish Trapping Lic. #SP631959
P.O. Box 280 Nutrioso, AZ 85932