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Raccoons are sneaky - maybe that's why they wear a mask:) Mostly active at night and in the spring, summer and fall of the year, raccoons pretty much stay in their dens when it's cold and do a lot of sleeping throughout much of the winter. Highly intelligent, very adaptable to almost any situation, and extremely good with their hands which, much like humans have five fingers, raccoons are very interesting critters. Unlike almost any other creature, they are able to use those hands to actually open things like doors and trash cans and collect stuff like bugs, fruits, berries and eggs. One unusual trait that raccoons have is their propensity to wash their food before eating. Handling their food in that fashion helps them better understand what it is they are eating and possibly helps to protect them from eating things that could harm them.

Raccoons spend most - but not all - of their time alone, are very good swimmers and fantastic climbers. They can be found throughout the contiguous fifty states including any type of forest, coastal marshes, and urban areas where human interaction can create a pest problem for home owners, business owners, farmers and just about anyone else. Their territory ranges from 7+ acres up to 12,000 acres for some males and is usually dictated by the availability of food and water. Although raccoons can live for over 20 years in captivity, life in the wild only averages between 2-3 years. They average between 16 - 28 inches long, not including their tail which can be an additional 10 inches in length. Weight can vary by a bunch, depending on habitat, and can range from 10 to a whopping 60 pounds in some cases. Males are generally 15-20% heavier than females and all raccoons can lose half of their body weight during winter when they burn fat reserves to survive. Raccoons have an incredible sense of touch and have what are called 'hyper sensitive' front paws which makes them a unique pest animal problem to solve. Extremely clever, studies have shown that raccoons are able to solve problems and remember their solutions later, which is unique in the animal kingdom. That means that a raccoon trapping and removal program must be done correctly from the git go to be successful.

Folks often ask: 'Are raccoons rodents?' Raccoons don't have incisor teeth and therefore are not rodents. They are also smarter and more sophisticated than rodents and generally more difficult to eradicate. Their behavior is unique in many ways which make the control program different than for other critters such as skunks, dogs, wolves, fox, coyotes, etc. If you're having problems with a raccoon and need professional assistance, I can help. I have over 30 years experience in the animal control and removal business and now live in Nutrioso AZ. My raccoon control services are humane and effective and available throughout the Round Valley area including Alpine, Blue, Eagar, Greer, Nutrioso, Springerville, and St Johns AZ. I'll trap and relocate your pest raccoon and can help with exclusion services as well, which may help you avoid having the same problem later with the next raccoon that comes along. Call, text or email me for more raccoon control and removal information and prices.

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Raccoon Facts:

  • Scientific name: Procyon Iotor
  • Diet: Ominvores, they will eat almost anything including birds, eggs, fish, shellfish, frogs, fruit, insects, nuts, seeds, snakes, our trash.
  • Reproduction: 1 litter of up to 6 kits, usually in April or May.
  • Communication: Raccoons utilize over 200 different sounds and around 15 different calls to form their own 'language'.
  • Diseases: They are capable of carrying and possible transmitting several diseases and parasites, such as Leptospirosis, Samonella, Roundworm, Rabies.
  • Damage: Raccoons can damage all sorts of things, including trash cans, bird feeders, gardens, chimneys, roofing/shingles, almost anything that is in their way.


Raccoon Tracks:

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Alpine AZ, Blue AZ, Eagar AZ, Greer AZ, Nurioso AZ, Round Valley AZ, Springerville AZ, St Johns AZ, White Mountains AZ

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P.O. Box 280 Nutrioso, AZ 85932