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Pigeon control is an absolute must have service in many areas of the Metro Phoenix AZ area and has been for years. Feral pigeon populations have been on the rise for many years and the numbers of birds living on our homes and businesses - and wreaking havoc in our lives - are continuing to increase. Although any species of bird can be a problem, the most serious bird problem in most cases is a pigeon infestation, which can grow to be quite large in a relatively short period of time.

The reason pigeons present such a problem is the amount of pigeon feces that they generate. The accumulation of pigeon feces on the roof of a building is amazing in how quickly it accumulates and by the all sorts of expensive structural problems it causes. Pigeon feces is extremely acidic and eats away at any surface it is allowed to rest on, It clogs up roof drains, stains concrete, ruins the paint on cars and becomes airborne as it dries, causing health issues to those breathing it in.

Our professional Pigeon Control Services include: bird netting, pigeon spike, pigeon trapping and removal, Optical Gel, bird repellents, pigeon deterrents, roof cleaning and much more. We have the experience to solve any pigeon problem on any structure. Call for a free quote and a pigeon-free environment today!

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Common pigeon control question:

How Do I Get Rid Of Pigeons?

As crazy as it sounds, pigeons are actually drawn back to their own feces and the feces of their parents for life. So cleaning and removing pigeon feces as soon as possible is extremely important as it applies to long term control. Once the surface/area is cleaned, physical barriers such as bird spikes, bird netting, bird wire, etc. can deter pigeons from coming back. It is often a combination of various bird deterrents that gets the job done.

A common bird control question:

How much is pest control for birds?

There are a lot of factors that effect the cost of bird control. That's why it's so important to work with a bird control company that offers free inspections and quotes. Cleaning and both bird feces removal and bird nest removal should be included in the quote.

At the end of the day, the number of birds living or hanging out on the structure will need to be assessed. The type of surface and/or areas that need to be protected will also play a huge role in the overall cost of bird control. Different products are needed for different substrates and each comes with it's own pricing structure.

For instance: Optical gel. This is a fairly new bird control product and is a tremendous asset to any professional bird control technician. But they must be installed correctly to be effective and the more of them that is required to cover any given area, the more it costs. There's just no way around that.